Professional Hi-Aerial Hermetic Hoods

Available for iPhone 6+/7+ iPad Mini and iPad Air 2

Hi-Aerial tablet hood, iPad hood Canada, sun shade, anti glare hood

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Hi-Aerial Hermetic Hoods are now available for sale in Canada.  The hood consists of two configurations. First you can purchase the base hood and for some that might be all you need but for optimum 100% light free hoods then you need the "boost" that fits onto the base hood.

Unlike other hood designs the Hi-Aerial hood does not butt up against the tablet where light can easily get in but has a unique design where the tablet fits inside of the base.  It assembles in seconds and two velcro straps hold it firmly in place along with the DJI  remote controller clamp. There is also a panel that allows you to reach through and touch the screen for app settings etc.

As a drone pilot myself I can't stress enough how important it is to be able to see the tablet screen with zero glare or light intrusion. Firstly, my piloting skills escalated ten fold as I was instantly able to tell where I was, what direction I was headed, plus composing the picture is so simple now.  The Hi-Aerial hood is a must for any serious drone pilot. It is also much cheaper than buying the HDMI module for the DJI transmitter and then purchasing FPV glasses.

The Design and manufacturing is superb.  The hood easily folds into shape and is held in place with built in magnets. The Hi-Aerial hood works on your DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4 and Inspire 1 & 2 Transmitters.

When done, the Hood and base fold down flat making it easy to transport.

iPhone 6/6s plus

HH01 Base Hood-$49.99 (USD), $69.99 (CDN)

HB10 Base Hood and Boost (extension) $79.99 (USD), $109.99 (CDN)

iPad Mini

HH02 Base Hood-$59.99 (USD), $79.99 (CDN)

HB25 Base Hood and Boost (extension) $89.99 (USD), $119.99 (CDN)

iPad Air 2

HH04 Base Hood-$69.99 (USD), $89.99 (CDN)

HB46 Base Hood and Boost (extension) $99.99 (USD), $129.99 (CDN)

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