Whether you are an agent representing a seller of a used home or a builder of a new home you will want quality images that represent the home at it’s very best. As shown in this picture an elevated view makes all the difference than that standard street level photo. This picture was taken at just 20′, lower than a street lamp yet it gives a very pleasing and attractive view of the property.
A great way to start showcasing your listing is that first impression but there’s more as you can see in the lower image. The advantage of a small drone is that I can fly over the house and take pictures showing the rear of the property and any features that it may have including any nearby parks or schools (note park across from this particular property). An elevated perspective gives a unique view that you just can’t replicate from traditional ground based photography.
Somethings need to be photographed from the ground like a water feature for example or a cozy BBQ corner, hot tub etc but for a general overall view of the property I think you will agree that the elevated view is a winner.


Aerials $120